December 15
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YEREVAN. – Yerevan Municipality is misspending the community budget funds, spending the money on the most senseless purposes, according to Zhoghovurd (People) newspaper.

“Zhoghovurd daily also found out that the [city hall] expenditures on rewarding employees alone have made up 639 million 212 thousand 300 thousand drams. And 700 million drams will be spent for that purpose with this year’s budget.

“It’s not hard to guess that [Mayor] Taron Margaryan will worthily appreciate his [ruling party] underlings who cut off the [Yerevan Council of] Elders’ opposition members—with the ‘Stop them, quickly!’ directive [by Margaryan]—at the well-know [Yerevan Council of] Elders’ session, and then obstructed journalists’ activities,” wrote Zhoghovurd.

As reported earlier, a brawl took place at the Yerevan municipal council session on February 13.

Opposition Yerkir Tsirani (Apricot Country) Party faction members had brought along jars of sewage from Nubarashen, and as a result of which there is a stench in this district of the capital city of Armenia.

They attempted to take these jars of dirty water to Mayor Taron Margaryan, in order to give it to him.

But the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) faction members attempted to prevent them, which caused a scuffle.

Also, several RPA members hit Yerkir Tsirani member Marina Khachatryan and pulled her hair. 

Later, Khachatryan stated that she was also sexually harassed during this incident, and that is why she had slapped RPA member Edmond Kirakosyan in the face.

Both the Yerkir Tsirani and the Yerevan Municipality representatives had filed a petition with the police regarding this incident.

A criminal case has been filed into the incident.

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