January 23
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YEREVAN. – They say there is a “dispute” among the new authorities of Armenia, and not solely on the “lifestyle”—regarding the cars serving government members, the license plates of these cars, flying to business trips on board economy- or “number-one-class-seat” flights—but also an ideological “dispute,” according to Irates (Realistic) newspaper.

“The latter is manifested more acutely between the representatives of [PM] Nikol Pashinyan’s Civil Contract [Party] and the civil sector; they say not all expectations of the latter have been met.  

“The debate between the wings of [the ruling] power started in the days of the rallies, when Nikol Pashinyan made quotes from Maria Zakharova [official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs] several times, and the civil sector expressed its surprise in that regard during internal discussions. [But] Nikol explained that this is a very necessary approach with respect to Russia. ‘And then, [incumbent Russian President Vladimir] Putin also isn’t forever; that’s what’s needed today,’” wrote Irates.

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