January 17
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YEREVAN. – Aside from the political positions—and then the “second echelon,” the new authorities have started the dismissal of the heads of departments and divisions of various state-run agencies as well, reported Past (Fact) newspaper of Armenia. 

“According to our information, this process is of simply a total nature (…) especially at 26 Baghramyan [Avenue—in capital city Yerevan, the official address of the Office of the President of Armenia], and in the government staff.

“Moreover, here it is not about [political] party affiliation, but ‘antiquity.’ In a conversation with us, one of the extremely seasoned, nonpartisan workers who worked for many years in the presidential palace (…) noted that he was literally told that they have nothing against him, he is really a professional, he can be of great help. ‘But if they come from outside and see old faces have remained, what will they think of us?’ he was told. And so that he does not get too offended, they even joked that, ‘solely old brandy is good,’” wrote Past.

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