February 16
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YEREVAN. – The law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Armenia (RA) are taking out from their archives the letters, the petitions, and the cases that were dropped by the order of the former authorities, and are starting new investigations, according to Hraparak (Square) newspaper.

“We learned that renowned Armenian entrepreneur Levon Markos who resides in Moscow, [and] against whom the RA former authorities were conducting a search, has recently arrived in Armenia.

“He was questioned within the framework of a criminal case that was launched long ago. The thing is that the businessman was the owner of great possessions here [in Armenia]; [but] the oligarchs of Armenia have taken them away [from him], for which he sent out several open letters accusing [third President] Serzh Sargsyan. But as a result of all this, a criminal case was launched [against Markos], a charge was filed against the businessman so that he forgets the way [back] to Armenia.

“[But] now, when the power has changed [in the country], Markos has come to Armenia, has been questioned, and he hopes that there will be a fair investigation,” wrote Hraparak.

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