March 24
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YEREVAN. – The family members of Manvel Grigoryan, including his son, now ex-mayor Karen Grigoryan of Vagharshapat (Etchmiadzin), have left Etchmiadzin for a long time now, according to Zhamanak (Time) newspaper. 

“The enterprises belonging to the Grigoryans are either not working or are working with little capacity.

“Solely Manvel Grigoryan’s daughter, Naira Grigoryan, who is a judge at the First Instance Court of Armavir [Province], remains in Etchmiadzin. The latter [Naira Grigoryan] is on vacation, which will end in September. And it is not ruled out that she write a letter of resignation, after the end of her vacation. It is hard to administer justice with such distorted—to put it mildly—reputation,” wrote Zhamanak.

After the search by the National Security Service (NSS), National Assembly “Republican Party of Armenia” Faction MP and Yerkrapah (Defender of the Land) Volunteer Union Board’s now ex-Chairman, General Manvel Grigoryan, was detained on June 16, on suspicion of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons and ammunition. Subsequently, he became a suspect in embezzlement too.

Later, the NSS disseminated footage in which large quantities of weapons and ammunition, a luxury car collection, as well as a military ambulance, food, clothing, and several other items that were intended for the army as assistance were discovered at Grigoryan’s mansion in Armenia and in several other places belonging to him.

On June 19, Manvel Grigoryan was stripped of his parliamentary immunity and was arrested for two months. He now faces criminal charges on counts of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons and ammunition, and embezzlement.

In addition, criminal charges were filed against Nazik Amiryan, who had been detained along the lines of the criminal case which the Special Investigation Service is investigating.

It was corroborated that Amiryan, by prior agreement with her husband Manvel Grigoryan and a group of other people, had unlawfully kept ammunition, which was found during the search that was conducted on June 16, at two houses in Arshaluys village of Armavir province.

A signature bond to not leave the country was selected as preventive measure for Nazik Amiryan.

The investigation is still in progress.

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