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YEREVAN. – According to preliminary decision, the congress of Armenia’s ruling Civil Contract (CC) Party will be convened on June 15, albeit a week before or after is possible, Hraparak (Square) newspaper reported.

“And yesterday [Tuesday] was the deadline for [submitting the CC] Board membership applications. Approximately 60 candidates have been nominated, although there is an internal decision that the [board] makeup be 19 or 21, instead of the current 13 [members].

“[And] a new order has been set: anyone who wants to become a CC Board member shall pay an election deposit, so to speak. ‘It’s for the campaigning, covering the costs,’ they told us [at the CC].

“The amount of the election deposit was set at 200 thousand drams. At the beginning, a candidate for the board member pays 50 thousand to register and make a pre-election speech at the congress. And then, as a registered candidate, adds 150 thousand drams. If he is elected as board member, they return the 200 thousand to him; [but] if he is not elected, the money goes to the party budget,” Hraparak wrote.

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