September 28
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YEREVAN. – Zhamanak daily of Armenia writes: Adoption of the Armenian Genocide resolution by the voting of the US House of Representatives will give a new impetus to the process, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said yesterday, thanking Congressmen and Armenian-American organizations for years of efforts.

And how will the recognition affect not only the international recognition of the genocide, but also the process of the Armenian-American relationship (…)?

Here, by the way, is a rather noticeable phenomenon that followed the passage of the resolution in the House of Representatives. A number of circles in Armenia, with various links, including those with the Russian media expert domain, have hastened, so to speak, to reduce or even belittle the political significance and adoption of the resolution.

The subtext was marked by jealousy or the new government, not to mention any gains in the process of recognition of that power, as well as jealousy over the Armenian-American relationship. Against this backdrop, the statement disseminated yesterday by the Russian Embassy in Armenia was particularly noteworthy, in which the Moscow diplomatic mission complained of negative steps towards the Armenian-Russian relationship of "Western-funded" NGOs and media in Armenia. Although no detailed examples are provided, it is beyond doubt that the arrow will be directed to the American side.

What has bothered Russia so much in the case when Yerevan has not only not questioned any aspect of the Armenian-Russian alliance, but on the contrary, on a number of occasions, and during recent visit of the Russian Defense Minister reaffirmed the widespread and strategic nature of the relationship?

Or does Russia, so to speak, exacerbate the issue ahead of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's upcoming visit to Armenia, given that the political act in the United States also gives Armenia some indirect but definite positional power, and before Lavrov's visit to Armenia, the Russian side is trying to in turn, to gain a certain positional advantage, and therefore try to neutralize the factor that gives power to Yerevan and, at the same time, create a so-called "remark" occasion."

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