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YEREVAN. – “The map published in Turkey included Mt. Ararat inside Armenia,” Azg daily writes. “ website informed this yesterday. In the publication copied by Istanbul’s Hyetert website this is considered treason, and it continues: ‘In the relief publication of the physical map of Turkey, sadly, Mt. Agri (Ararat) is represented inside Armenia. This map, which is used in elementary and intermediate schools and on recommendation by the Ministry of National Education, of course will confuse the students’ minds. Armenia already claims Mt. Aghri, reasoning that it belongs to Armenians. And now with the map published for the 2011-2012 school year, they are throwing Mt. Aghri onto Armenia’s lap. Is this not treason?’                  

We cannot rule out the possibility that all this is a bluff, since Turkish print media could not have failed to notice such ‘scandal,’” Azg writes.

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