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YEREVAN. – According to publications in the press, the incident, which transpired near the checkpoint of Armenia’s Lusakert military unit, also included residents of Chorrord village. And Republic Party’s Political Board member Smbat Ayvazyan visited one of them, as a fellow villager. As per Ayvazyan, his fellow villager was beaten so much that his face had become unrecognizable and he was not able to speak, Azg daily writes.   

“Every time when the police chiefs are changed in Armenia and they pledge to improve the system, everyone firstly thinks when these police chiefs will finally say they will see to it that beating is excluded in the Police Force, and when they will solely use their minds.  

Something unacceptable occurred [in Lusakert], as ‘pampered’ and drunk people had organized a fight, for which they were arrested. [But] If the same beating will be used against them in investigative and other type of actions, then what is the difference between those men and the police?”, Azg writes.

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