September 21
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Despite [the fact that] they failed the judicial reform, the authorities, which promised vetting in the judiciary after the velvet revolution [in 2018], are again announcing that they intend to start a vetting process. Speaking to reporters yesterday, RA acting Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan stated that after receiving a steel mandate [from the people as a result of the snap parliamentary elections on June 20], the authorities will carry out a systemic vetting.

Let us note that the authorities had talked about vetting immediately after the velvet revolution, but it failed. The threat of vetting, the prime ministerial order to impose their will on judges by blocking the courts, the plan to privatize the Constitutional Court failed. And although Badasyan says two dozen cases are at the finalization phase, one thing is a fact that since September 2020 to this day, not a single official has appeared in the defendant's chair for illegal enrichment, or whose property has been confiscated.

And after all this and so many failures, the authorities are talking again about carrying out systemic vetting or confiscation of illegal property.

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