May 28
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YEREVAN. – Iravunk daily of Armenia writes: The [ruling] Civil Contract [(CC)] Party, which received close to 54 percent of the votes in the elections for the National Assembly of the eighth convocation, will not have 2/3 of the MP mandates; that is, a stable constitutional majority. But the authorities need it to call a referendum, make constitutional amendments, or to remove the President from office.

According to the final [election] results presented by the Central Electoral Commission, there is a 107-member parliament where the Civil Contract has 71 mandates, but 71 does not make up 2/3 of the 107.

In fact, the CC members [now] need another [MP] mandate, like air and water. According to the news that reached Iravunk, the authorities are carefully looking into the MP-elects of the opposition that has entered the [new] parliament to find out who they can throw into their waters in order that (…) he leave his [parliamentary opposition] faction, become an independent but pro-government MP who will conduct his voting [at parliament] in line with the authorities.

In this regard, the weakest link of the opposition is being sought, who will be able to be forced—if not by persuading, then initiating criminal cases against him—to give up the idea of being an opposition as soon as he enters the National Assembly.

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