July 31
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: One of the demands of the [opposition] "Armenia" bloc [led by second President Robert Kocharyan] at the CC [(Constitutional Court)] is to establish a new order for the distribution of [parliamentary] mandates. The CC, according to the law, has such authority.

If they [the CC] record that the electoral fraud [during the snap parliamentary elections on June 20] has had a considerable impact [on the voting results], a new order of distribution of [parliamentary] mandates is established, and accordingly, they reduce the mandates of the ruling majority and add [them] to [those of] the [parliamentary] opposition.

It should be reminded that the [ruling] CC [(Civil Contract Party)] has received 71 mandates, the "Armenia" bloc—29, the [opposition] "I have honor" [bloc]—7; that is, the CC has 2/3 [of the seats] of the NA [(National Assembly)] and can pass all the initiatives, adopt constitutional laws on its own.

Yesterday, the "Armenia" bloc demanded at the CC to limit the mandates given to the [parliament] majority faction to up to 3/5 of the number of total parliamentary mandates.

And what will happen if the CC does not have 3/5 in the parliament? It cannot adopt the constitutional laws on its own. According to Section 2 of Article 103 of the RA Constitution, the NA Rules of Procedure, Electoral, Judicial Codes, the RA Law on the Constitutional Court, the laws on referendum, [political] parties, the Human Rights Defender are considered constitutional laws.

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