November 28
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: Yesterday, the Constitutional Court [(CC)] ended the discussion of the petitions of four [opposition] political forces to challenge the results of the [snap parliamentary] elections [of June 20]. The court went to the deliberation room to make a decision on the case.

The decision will most likely be announced on July 17.

In a conversation with Past newspaper, several lawyers expressed the opinion that the CC will hardly make a decision to invalidate the results of the elections; this option is considered the most improbable. The option of calling a second round of elections is also considered unlikely.

According to the lawyers, the most optimal and probable option may be to establish a procedure for the distribution of [parliamentary] mandates, as a result of which the mandates of the CCP [i.e., the ruling Civil Contract Party] will be reduced to some extent, instead the mandates of the [parliamentary] opposition will be proportionally increased.

There is an opinion that the CC will simply deny the petition and will leave the CEC [(Central Electoral Commission)] decision [on the election results] in force. However, as the lawyers were noting in a conversation with us, taking into account the amount of facts presented by the opposition to the CC, such a decision will be not legal, but exclusively political.

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