October 23
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: According to Past newspaper’s information, some MPs of the NA [(National Assembly)] [majority] CC [(“Civil Contract”) Faction] (…) are engaged with great momentum in the preparatory works of the bill on "vetting" in almost all spheres (…).

As it is known, when [PM] Nikol Pashinyan actually rejected the idea of carrying out a tough vetting in the country, the legal "bloc" of well-known Western-funded organizations operating in RA was constantly trying on all platforms to bring this issue to the public agenda and make [it] a topic of primary discourse. According to the newspaper’s information, it is due to the efforts of these very circles that the mentioned issue has appeared in the sight of the authorities again. Moreover, there is information that during this period, the experts of the ruling power have already been to the relevant offices several times and taken certain "courses."

And some advocacy organizations of the topic are having intense meetings with the newly appointed minister of justice [i.e., Karen Andreasyan], who recently once again stood out with a statement that had stunned the legal community in particular. "If it were up to me, I would have done, finished with the vetting in just half an hour. But, unfortunately, there is law in this country," he had said in an interview.

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