October 20
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: [Second President] Robert Kocharyan sent a hidden message at the press conference held yesterday [i.e., Monday] that the well-known parliamentary fight that took place in the previous session between the [opposition] bloc he leads and the [ruling] CC [(Civil Contract) Party] "backpacks" is not to his liking.

"The parliament is not a field of the [fighting] ring, we must understand that the parliament is a place where you work according to certain rules," he said yesterday in response to the question whether he is satisfied with the parliamentary activity of the [opposition] "Armenia" bloc [which he heads]. "These are not fights without rules, this, after all, is a parliament, and we must be able to explain to our supporters that there are certain circles from which the [‘Armenia’] Faction [in the National Assembly] will not be able to get out."

Moreover, we were informed that after the famous fight, Kocharyan, during the first meeting with his teammates, gently reprimanded them, saying that one “should not pass to the fists. Either you should not have entered the parliament and continued the struggle in the street in that style, whereas if we are in the parliament, the rules of the genre must be observed.”

It should be reminded that before entering the parliament, the Kocharyan team was saying that they were going to the parliament with the determination to make the life of the authorities a hell, to make life difficult for them. But 30 people [of the parliamentary opposition] cannot beat 70 people [of the parliament majority], at least physically. So, they need to place the emphasis on thought, speech, knowledge, and legislative skills.

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