December 03
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: Our source close to high-ranking Russian circles said that [Armenian PM] Nikol Pashinyan's refusal from the November 9 meeting or videoconference pushed the Azerbaijani side to go to resolving the issue by armed means.

And Pashinyan refused that meeting for a simple reason: under great pressure from Armenia’s society. As a rule, he retreats when he sees a danger, and our public circles—Facebook, media, opposition—made such a big fuss that the impression was created that the signing of a document could to become a reason for change of power [in Armenia]. And he preferred to refuse the meeting and enable [Azerbaijani president] Ilham Aliyev to resolve the issues by armed force so that he would not be called a "traitor" later.

The most noteworthy [thing] is that they are attempting to persuade—by various Russian channels—the RA opposition, reputable people that 'Stop the pressure if you do not want to give [up] territories without [border] demarcation, with armed force, and at the cost of casualties.'

The Russian emissaries, including the RF [(Russian Federation)] ambassador to Armenia, are having meetings with various circles, and urging [them] not to obstruct the legal process, to allow that a [border] delimitation is carried out with a document, and that Russia can assist us in some way. And most importantly, there will be no war, no casualties, and no illegal [Azerbaijani] occupation of [Armenian] territories.

The thing is that Nikol Pashinyan will not allow to show armed resistance, that is why [now ex-deputy PM] Suren Papikyan was appointed [defense minister], whereas the enemy will invade and take over our land from wherever it can.

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