December 03
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YEREVAN. – Past daily of Armenia writes: For about ten days, before the next Azerbaijani [military] aggression on November 16, the Russian media were reporting more and more often that the anti-Russian hysteria has gained new momentum in Armenia.

And so, against the backdrop of the previous day's events, the Russian media are making a special emphasis to the fact that the MPs of the majority faction in the NA [(National Assembly) of Armenia] were calling for help "in turns, in rows" from Russia, at the same time blackmailing Moscow that otherwise, they will turn to other forces.

A number of Russian experts express a view that not only the authorities’ speeches and statements of November 16, but also the more intensified anti-Russian "chaos" [in Armenia] in recent times suggest that official Yerevan has set a task of changing the vector of [its] foreign policy.

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