December 03
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YEREVAN. – Zhoghovurd newspaper of Armenia writes: The Ministry of Health is to this day unable to provide accurate statistics on how many people have died at home and how many—at the hospital as a result of the coronavirus.

Zhoghovurd daily asked [health] minister Anahit Avanesyan why the [respective] statistics are not available to this day. In response, the Mrs. minister noted: "As the Armed system has been introduced in stages, at the moment the synchronization is in progress. We have a working group working on this part; we will provide an additional message in the near future."

Perhaps only the working group pointed out by Avanesyan will know what they are doing. It is clear that the result of the work done by it is not visible to anyone for more than a month [now].

It is also clear that after appearing in the center of attention of their supervisors—the MPs—and receiving a specific, targeted "message," the members of the executive [branch of power in Armenia] do not take visible steps to smooth, put in place the existing problem, issue, or criticism as soon as possible.

And it turns out that the statistics offered to us to this day as to how many people [in Armenia] have died of the coronavirus per day, are actually wrong numbers.

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