December 03
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YEREVAN. – Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: The Azerbaijani side disseminates videos—on various Telegram channels—of the Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes of the recent days, of how the Azerbaijani soldiers take Armenian soldiers captive, beat, debase [them]. And this gives the impression that ours are meager, do not know how to fight, surrender quickly, do not defend themselves and the [military] positions entrusted to them.

Of course, there are such shameful scenes, too, and there is a need to find out why our soldiers have found themselves in such a situation. But ours have fought heroic battles, too—destroying the enemy, which, however, is not video recorded and not disseminated by us.

We were told that the soldiers of the Armenian army are forbidden to film the episodes of their [military] service and disseminate [them] on the internet. It is about the heroic episodes with the participation of our soldiers during military operations.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijanis are able to film, disseminate what they have done—even what they have not done—, carry out a psychological attack, and they are winning in the information war. [But] ours even passed a law banning journalistic work at the border, not realizing that it means losing in the information war and conceding to the enemy.

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