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YEREVAN. – Armenian businesswoman Silva Hambardzumyan had announced that if Governor Surik Khachatryan of the Syunik Region were to run in the upcoming National Assembly elections, she would run against him, Haykakan Zhamanak daily writes.

“We asked whether Silva Hambardzumyan was preparing her document for being nominated with the majority election system. ‘Surik has not yet done so. If he doesn’t, I won’t. I’ve no desire to become an MP. My business is outside. I don’t need to become a deputy. If I become a deputy here and leave my business, I’ll die of hunger,’ the businesswoman responded.       

[Also,] She did not rule out [the possibility] that she could become a member in any political party. [And] Hambardzumyan promised she will hold a press conference soon and distribute the video that shows how the [aforesaid] Regional Governor had slapped her. ‘I’ve no time. I’m constantly in flights. I came today and will leave the country on Friday. If I find the time, I’ll hold a [press] conference. I want for us to enter the international [press] conference field,’ she said,” Haykakan Zhamanak writes.

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