March 23
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Hraparak daily of Armenia writes: Azerbaijan continues to demand other concessions in exchange for [re]opening the Berdzor [(Lachin)] road.

The demands were: the dismissal of Ruben Vardanyan [from the post of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Minister of State], the installation of an X-ray device at the Artsakh checkpoint, permission for monitoring in the Kashen mine, the withdrawal of heavy military equipment from Artsakh.

Our sources say that the Azerbaijani side underscores the matter of the X-ray machine. They claim that such a device should be installed at the checkpoint... During the negotiations, only the issue of checking trucks was brought up in order to dispel the suspicions of the Azerbaijani side that dangerous baggage—weapons—would not be transported from Armenia.

The Artsakh side also presented a counter demand: if Azerbaijan does not give up on that idea, then it can only install a device and use it to track the vehicles remotely; that is, only Russian peacekeepers shall continue to conduct monitoring at the checkpoint, Azerbaijani inspectors shall not be stationed there; that is, the content of the tripartite document of November 9[, 2020] should not be violated.

It is noteworthy that RF [(Russian Federation)] Foreign Minister Lavrov, who visited Baku yesterday, announced that the setting up of any control checkpoint at the Lachin corridor is not planned, and the operation regimen of the corridor must fully comply with the requirements of the November 9 tripartite statement.

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