February 21
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Hraparak daily of Armenia writes as follows: As much as the [ruling] CC [i.e. the Civil Contract Party] members deny that they have not received from [Azerbaijani President Ilham] Aliyev the demand-instruction to have a new Constitution, our sources in the diplomatic sphere say that Aliyev has specified that demand, in writing, in the draft of the peace treaty. He wrote that the internal legislation of Armenia should be harmonized so that the contracting parties do not have territorial claims against each other.

Let us note that the purpose of having a new Constitution [in Armenia] and not of amending the existing one is to delete the reference made to the Declaration of Independence from the preamble of the main law. The thing is that the preamble cannot be edited by amendment, whereas in case of adopting a new Constitution, just a new preamble can be written.

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