February 21
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Past daily off Armenia writes as follows: As it can be seen, the West consistently wants to reach the signing of "any" document between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In addition to the fact that they have promised [Armenian PM] Nikol Pashinyan a certain "bonus" for gaining internal legitimacy and signing the so-called "peace treaty," which we had the opportunity to inform about, they are considering additional measures in the West to encourage the parties.

No matter how funny it sounds from the outside, our diplomatic sources claim that several high-ranking European and American officials are lobbying internally so that Nikol Pashinyan and [Azerbaijani president] Ilham Aliyev are nominated as Nobel Peace Prize laureate candidates in the event of the "peace treaty" being signed.

As much as the mentioned two are extremely ambitious, nevertheless, it is interesting in that case how Nikol Pashinyan will agree to be nominated [for the Nobel Peace Prize] with the head of an inimical country, especially with someone that has unleashed a brutal war against Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)], de-Armenianized Artsakh and, in general, is the author of numerous war crimes.

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