February 21
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Hraparak newspaper of Armenia writes as follows: The uproar about [PM] Nikol Pashinyan's last interview with Public Radio does not stop.

Radio director Garegin Khumaryan was surprised by the record of Nikol Pashinyan's anti-Armenian thoughts expressed on their air and the zero rebuttal of them by the interviewer, and he issued a statement the day before, apologizing to their listeners for the unsuccessful interview and evaluating the policy conducted by the [ruling] CC [Civil Contract Party].

We learned from the Radio staff that Pashinyan himself expressed his wish to be hosted by the Radio to give an interview; moreover, the [Radio] management named several trained journalists to conduct the interview, but Pashinyan himself chose the Safe Environment program and its host, Baregham Ghukasyan.

Probably, they studied his attitude and level of preparation in advance, so that they would not oppose his controversial ideas and not reveal their bankruptcy on the air.

Moreover, the interview was video-recorded the day before, but on that day it was broadcast under the title of "live broadcast."

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