February 21
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Past daily of Armenia writes: (…) regardless of what maneuvers [Armenian PM Nikol] Pashinyan was doing in Russia, he is getting closer with NATO.

According to many experts, Nikol Pashinyan is drawing Armenia further into adventurism by getting closer to NATO.

Moreover, the Russian media and experts already state these statements almost unanimously, that NATO is "inciting" Armenia, the purpose of which is one: to attack Russia. Even more so, NATO doesn't even hide especially who, which country their cooperation with Armenia will be aimed against.

By the way, needless to say, the special representative of NATO [Javier Colomina] is expressing with particular tenderness about Turkey, their only ally in the region, and its role. Moreover, he makes it very clear that if Armenia gets closer to NATO, it must accept Turkey's supremacy over it. It is said in a footnote, not directly, but one who understands will understand.

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