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YEREVAN. – The United Armenians Party member Hovhannes Hovhannisyan was genuinely offended by Aravot daily’s question, the daily writes.

“And the question was as follows: Is it possible there could come a time when you assimilate into the [ruling coalition’s senior partner, the Republican Party of Armenia] RPA, or take the road of the [coalition’s junior partner Orinats Yerkir (Rule of Law) Party] RLP?

‘That is ruled out. We do not suffer from the disease of populism. We know. If they say one thing, it must be done. And we say: only law and right.’   

He said they are ready to join solely those [political] parties that have a pro-state mindset, and there is no such party today.

It has become apparent that the United Armenians has 5,000 members, that is, almost as much as the [opposition] ARF [Dashnaktsutyun Party]. 

To our question as to whether they are real members, or solely members with membership cards, Mr. Hovhannisyan responded frankly: ‘Of course not all are active, but they are included in our regional organizations. The [parliamentary] elections [on Sunday] will show the activeness of our party members,’” Aravot writes.

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