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YEREVAN. – According to sources close to the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC), new arguments have started within the ANC following the signature campaign—to convene a special National Assembly (NA) session—actually failed, Iravunk daily writes.           

“As is known, solely 7 MPs had signed [it] from the [Prosperous Armenia Party] PAP and, at the same time, [ANC NA Faction leader] Levon Zurabyan had stated that this is a part of the political game and that there is practically no hope of collecting the necessary 44 signatures.   

Many [within the ANC] accused Levon Zurabyan of organizing meaningless games which, at the same time [and] because of apparent cynicism, strike a blow to ANC’s standing.    

In addition, more [people] within the ANC are stating that it is time to put an end to the lie that as if the PAP is an oppositional force and to stop the meaningless coaxing, from which the ANC is solely suffering losses,” Iravunk writes.

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