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YEREVAN. – There are fairly serious shadow activities going on among the heads of Armenia’s several opposition forces, Iravunk daily writes.  

“As a result of these talks-discussions amongst themselves, these forces are attempting to at least form a preliminary understanding as to the tactic they will use, first, in the local government, and, based upon this, in the [2013] presidential elections.   

The sources claim that, in terms of strategy, the main emphasis will be placed on the fact that what success the [Prosperous Armenia Party] PAP will achieve in the local government elections, and how much it will wish to ‘put them to use’ in the general case of a revolution.  

The same sources also say that the primary motivators of these meetings are Britain’s representatives in Armenia, who pledge to already ‘prompt’—based on these results—the name of the [opposition’s] single candidate [for the presidency],” Iravunk writes.

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