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YEREVAN. – The Ijevan Hotel, which is located nearby the Municipality building of Armenia’s Ijevan city, has been left to its fate already for fifteen years. The nine-storey Hotel, which used to be the city’s symbol, does not function for a long time. It is in dilapidated and deteriorated condition, Aravot daily writes.   

Ijevan Municipality informed that the Hotel’s building was privatized to Eduard Avetisyan on February 5, 2007. [But] The Municipality employees do not know this person, and they believe he is not an Ijevan resident.    

The Municipality was unable to inform whether or not Avetisyan has a property tax debt because he has not submitted tax reports.  

Ijevan Mayor Vardan Ghalumyan said the Hotel building’s basement is inundated with water accumulated as a result of a water pipeline accident. The building’s foundation has become dilapidated, [and] one day it could collapse onto the Municipality building,” Aravot writes.

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