September 29
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YEREVAN. – On the night of April 2, 2016, Azerbaijan launched a large-scale aggression against the Republic of Artsakh.

The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan used virtually all types of weapons. During April 2-5, there were fights along the entire line of contact with the heaviest clashes in the south (Hadrut) and the northeast (Martakert).

On the morning of April 2, the Armenian side reported the destruction of the Azerbaijani combat helicopter in the northern direction and the human losses in adversary units. In was announced that the enemy's armored vehicles had been destroyed. On the same day, an official source in Artsakh reported the death of 12-year-old Vaghinak Grigoryan as a result of the shelling of the school. Two more children were hospitalized.

Around noon, the Armenian defense ministry reported the destruction of the Azerbaijani sabotage group by Artsakh Armed Forces.

At around 6 am on April 3, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces launched an artillery bombardment and advancement of armored vehicles on the south. At the same time, fighting continued in the direction of Martakert.

On the same day, the Defense Ministry of Artsakh announced that the territories occupied on the eve by the Azerbaijani side in the direction of Talysh village were returned under the control of the NKR Armed Forces. In the south, two tanks and one infantry fighting vehicle were destroyed.

On the night of April 4, the Azerbaijani side, continued shelling with mortars and artillery along the entire line of contact, and  the peaceful settlements were targeted.

At 7 a.m. the southern and north-eastern directions of the line of contact were subjected to intensive bombardment.

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces used heavy equipment and combat drones. An Azerbaijani drone attacked a bus, killing five people.

On the night of April 5, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces used the Smerch rocket launcher in the south.

Truce was established at noon April 5, the hostilities were stopped.

Despite the truce, soldier of the Artsakh Army Armen Gasparyan was killed on April 6 in a shelling from the Azerbaijani side, while on the night of April 7, the Azerbaijani army made an a infiltration attempt towards the village of Talysh, however, retreated after losing one soldier.

The sides exchanged bodies in accordance with the agreements on April 10. The Armenian side was handed over 18 bodies.

According to the final data, 110 Armenian soldiers and volunteers were killed and 121 were injured.

As to the losses of the Azerbaijani side, the Azerbaijani defense ministry carefully conceals the data, and reported only the death of 31 people. However, according to an independent source of Meydan TV, there are at least 93 deaths. The analytical center OSTKRAFT reported the classified data of the Azerbaijani army indicating that 800 people were killed

Azerbaijan lost 24 tanks, 4 infantry fighting vehicles, two helicopters, one Grad multiple rocket launcher, 14 unmanned aerial vehicles, dozens of cars.

As a result of the unleashed aggression, Azerbaijan seized about 500 hectares of non-strategic territories, paying for it with the hundreds of lives of their own soldiers.

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