December 13
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Three-time champion of Europe Meline Daluzyan is under the personal protection of Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. This is what Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan declared during a question-and-answer session with government officials at the National Assembly today. Let us mention that the government allocated AMD 20,000,000 to fund production of the film “Mel”.

The Prime Minister said even though he wasn’t informed about financing for the film, he welcomes the idea of and funding for the film.

“Are we talking about the person who is a three-time European champion and a person who set a record that hasn’t been broken yet and in whose honor the Armenian national flag was raised three times and the Armenian national anthem was played three times? The person had a problem that is not new in our reality, and there is even a word that describes the problem, but I won’t utter it now because it has become offensive. The person was about to commit suicide because of that problem, but later realized that the only way to solve the problem was to leave Armenia,” Nikol Pashinyan said.

Touching upon the view that one can’t change gender, if “God created the person like that”, Pashinyan asked if this means that a child shouldn’t be treated, if he or she is born with, say, a heart defect.

The Prime Minister emphasized that he is very content with the fact that the film was funded and referred to the protest against the film about Daluzyan as cheap propaganda. “I consider this cheap propaganda of people who want to use all the possible resources to get paid the way they used to. Well, they’re not going to get that money because there is no more money for them. If there is a question about who has to live in Armenia, then all corrupt officials and the people who plundered the country and falsified elections are an evil for Armenia. I won’t let anyone destroy a person thanks to whom the Armenian national flag has been raised. That person is under my personal protection.”

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