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YEREVAN. – A total of 28.7% of the respondents will vote for the "Armenia" bloc, 25.2% for the ruling Civil Contract Party, and 10.8% for the "I Have the Honor" bloc. Aram Navasardyan, director of the Gallup International Association in Armenia, told about this at a press conference Friday, presenting the results of their survey as to which political party or bloc the Armenian citizens will vote for in Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections.

"According to the survey, 5.4% of the respondents will vote for the Prosperous Armenia Party, 5.2% for the Bright Armenia Party, 2.8% for the Shirinyan-Babajanyan Democrats Bloc, 2.6% for the Republic Party, 1.5% in favor of the Armenian National Congress, 1.2% in favor of the ‘Our Home is Armenia’ party, 1.0% in favor of the "5165" National Conservative Movement, 0.8% in favor of the "Armenian Homeland" party, 0.7% in favor of the National Democratic Pole, 0.6% in favor of the Fair Armenia Party, 0.4% in favor of the Sovereign Armenia Party, 1.1% for another, 5.2% of the respondents of the survey refused to respond, 2.7% of the respondents responded, ‘none,’ 4.1% of the respondents found it difficult to answer," Navasardyan added.

According to him, asked whether they will participate in the snap elections, 51.1% of the respondents answered "I will definitely participate," 11.4% said, "I will probably participate," 13.8%  said, "I will probably not participate," 22.9% said, "I will definitely not participate," 0.7% of the respondents found it difficult to answer this question, and the "I will definitely participate" indicator has decreased to some extent.

"During the last eleven years, our organization—and I personally—had not felt this much attempts at pressure, especially from the ruling wing, too," added the Gallup representative.

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