December 04
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The timing chosen by Azerbaijan for the Evlakh meeting is not coincidental. The military operation was planned to conclude by September 21, the very day of these negotiations. Tigran Abrahamyan, a member of the Armenian National Assembly's 'I Have Honor' faction, mentioned this during a conversation with journalists at the Yerablur Military Pantheon on September 21 (The Independence Day of Armenia).

"Azerbaijan is attempting to dismantle all the symbols that represent independence, freedom, and security for Armenia and Artsakh. Scheduling today's meeting on this specific date is intended to morally undermine what these authorities have been doing for a long time," he stated.

Addressing the substance of the negotiations, the opposition MP remarked, "As far as I know, these negotiations will occur at multiple levels, not only in Evlakh. In this situation, while it may seem evident what will transpire, there is still an issue of specifying the exact details.

Currently, there are numerous fallen soldiers on the battlefield who have yet to be removed. In other words, certain clarifications regarding Artsakh's future will be discussed in these negotiations. It remains unclear to me which path will be chosen. The challenge here is not what the Artsakh government thinks; it is essential to comprehend the perspective of the people residing in Artsakh. After the 44-day war, they believed that that phase of the conflict had concluded and that their security concerns had been minimally resolved with the presence of Russian troops. However, time has demonstrated that the Russian presence did not deter Azerbaijan from conducting military operations. It has also revealed that Armenian authorities considered Artsakh's situation exclusively an internal matter for Azerbaijan, not intervening in any way. It is no coincidence that yesterday, the President of Azerbaijan expressed his satisfaction to Armenian authorities and Nikol Pashinyan."

Regarding the potential dissolution of Artsakh's state institutions and the implications for governance in Artsakh, Abrahamyan stated, "In this situation, it is crucial to understand who will assume what responsibilities. Will the Russian contingent play any role, or will it simply withdraw? There are certain agreements between the Russian and Azerbaijani sides about which we still lack information."

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