April 16
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War happens between the parties, which at least to some extent... I don't want to use the equivalent word, which will enable long military operations. The third President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, told this to reporters outside a Yerevan court Friday.

"I find it difficult to say about the size of our army's resources because I don't have exact information, but the fact that there is not that will, they are simply forcing our army to be even more impoverished; that is obvious.

When, at the demand of your enemy, you promise within hours that you will conduct an investigation and find the culprits for some shooting, tomorrow, the next day when the Azerbaijanis press, our soldiers won't even want to resist because they can conduct an investigation, punish, etc. for that reason as well,” he said.

Regarding the remark that the previous Armenian authorities are accused of not having properly equipped the frontline in the 20 years of their tenure, Sargsyan said: "It's not just that. They say ‘we didn't have weapons, ammunition, anything for 20 years,’ but it turns out that the Azerbaijanis were waiting for us to leave [power], then attack, then show that our positions are not properly equipped. Of course, the positions were properly equipped. We had everything not to have such tragic consequences in this war. Don't listen to people who don't know anything about the army.”

As for the claims that the incumbent Armenian authorities are equipping combat positions and carrying out an unprecedented engineering work, he responded: "You say [it], too."

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