April 16
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If there was such a thing, why was I being nominated for prime minister? My term was over, I would have gone to our home. The third President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, told this to reporters outside a Yerevan court Friday, referring to the point of view that he was aware that the seven regions of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) shall be handed over to Azerbaijan, and that is why he easily relinquished power in 2018.

Regarding the remark that a wave of protest had risen in Armenia because of his nomination for the post of prime minister, Sargsyan said: "It didn't rise from that. I could easily have gone to our home and that decision of mine was not for the benefit of my person. With that, I tried to distance that atrocity from Armenia, from the Armenian people. Let all those people who demanded my resignation say what they achieved by doing so.”

When reminded by reporters that he had previously announced that he was not running for the position of prime minister, but in the end he was nominated for that position in 2018, the third president replied: "I did not strive, I became the prime minister, to distance this disaster from Armenia. The Artsakh issue prompted me to become prime minister, I could see that the disaster was near.”

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