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I do not rule out that there was such arrangement between Turkey and Russia. Alen Simonyan, stated this in a briefing with reporters in the NA Thursday—and referring to the 44-day war in 2020.

"And the Armenian people got involved in all of that, who in 2021 elected the authorities that had to leave so that new authorities would come and we would become members in the union state. You will not imagine what the Armenian people did in 2021; they solved a geopolitical issue with their election, maybe not realizing or somehow realizing, they foiled a grand geopolitical plan," Simonyan said.

To the question as to what the purpose was, he responded: "To make Armenia a member of the Russia-Belarus Union State; this is the grand plan."

Simonyan added, however, that no such proposal was formally made to Armenia. "No, they don't do it like that. They create such a situation that the newly arrived authorities will say, ‘Well, the previous ones; that is, we are to blame, and there is no longer any security solution other than to become a part of the Russia-Belarus Union State.’ It is obvious," said the speaker of the Armenian legislature.

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