July 16
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Numerous people, under the leadership of Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of the opposition Tavush for the Homeland movement, are marching to the Armenian government’s main building, where a government Cabinet meeting is to take place.

The government on Wednesday decided to hold Thursday’s Cabinet meeting not at 11am, but at 9am, explaining that the 2023 state budget performance is being debated on in the parliament and the members of the government shall be in attendance there.

At the moment, there are many police forces in front of the main government building, and they have formed a human chain near the building.

Also, the police have closed off the street through which members of the government enter the government building.

Earlier, Armenian reported that the situation became tense during Wednesday’s protests on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, and clashes started between the demonstrators and the police. The police used stun grenade, as a result of which many people were injured, one person's hand was cut. Reporters and policemen were also injured.

Police Chief Aram Hovhannisyan had noted that glass bottles were thrown at the police, as a result of which there were injured among them, too.

According to the Ministry of Health, 98 civilians and police officers sought medical help as a result of the aforesaid events that took place on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue.

A patient with a wrist injury was operated on.

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