Israeli defense ministry suspended the export licenses for three senior official from Aeronautics Defense Systems which is suspected of using drone against Armenian troops at the behest of its client Azerbaijan in violation of Israeli law, The Times of Israel reported.

CEO Amos Matan, deputy CEO Meir Rizmovitch and a third, unnamed, employee were suspended of licenses pending a formal hearing.

The company has already informed Tel Aviv Stock Exchange of the development.

The above-mentioned employees are suspected of fraud and violation of the law on arms export control.

An investigation into the company was opened in September 2017 but a gag order has been placed over many of its details.

In August, 2017 Aeronautics was deprived of its license to export the Orbiter 1K drone to the “significant client”.

The reports were first published by Israeli periodical Maariv. According to the reports, the team of Israeli Aeronautics Defense Systems specialists arrived in Azerbaijan to complete the deal on the sale of Orbiter 1K drone. There the company representatives were asked to strike the positions. According to the periodical, two Israelis operating the drone refused to do that. Afterwards the high-ranking representatives of the company started flying the drone but did not achieve their goal.