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What promotion opportunities does have?

  • Company promotion packages
  • Production, placement, and distribution of texts
  • Production, placement, and distribution of videos
  • Providing live streaming of events
  • Professional video and photo services
  • Marketing consulting
  • Advertisement

Let’s speak about all of this in detail.

Preparation and placement of texts on the website

For every business, especially if it attracts customers from online platforms, it is necessary to present quality, understandable content for the consumer. In this case, it is extremely important to cooperate with a professional team of content creators. has long proved that it is a more than reliable partner in this regard. Upon agreement advertising texts prepared by us can be published on all online platforms of, as well as can be used only by you, republished, etc.

Video-photo production on

Even the most well-organized events need to be entrusted to experienced professionals for filming. For 13 years, has been the information partner of more than 1,000 events, including the largest ones, such as WCIT, Silicon Mountains, Orion Summit, Aurora humanitarian initiative, Sharjah Cultural Heritage Days, etc. 

What do we offer to partners?

  • Information support before, during, and after the event, participation in the organization, and implementation of the awareness campaign, including on all online platforms.
  • Preparation of video reports
  • Preparation of articles
  • Creating content for corporate use
  • Live streaming of events
  • Professional editing of photos
  • Production of promo clips
  • Production of teasers
  • Production of professional video ads
  • Professional photo services

A preliminary discussion is held with each client to understand the purpose of the event, and expectations. A synopsis is developed, then it is implemented according to the points.

Company promotion packages

  • Development and implementation of the company's brand positioning/image improvement strategy
  • Marketing consulting
  • Preparation, placement, and distribution of text, video, and photo products
  • Branding (naming, slogan, corporate style, logo, media tools, etc.)
  • SEO, SMM, content writing
  • Organization of events, press conferences
  • Professional preparation of presentations, pitching

Marketing consultation at

Often, businesses do not carry out effective marketing, even in the presence of an adequate budget. Our team is ready to provide consulting support to businesses to increase the rate of return on investment (ROI).

Advertising on offers several online advertising opportunities to its customers.

Banner and video outstream advertising on the network. 

With this option, the client can target the audience according to:

  • Country
  • Time
  • Language
  • Device
  • Screen

We offer three sizes of banner ads: 300x300 pixel (Quadratic), 1260x250 pixel (Super Top), and 620x300 pixel (In Read).
Ads are sold on cost per 1000 (CPM) impressions basis.

Contact details:
Mobile: +374 91 073313
Email: [email protected]


The website boasts 10 million unique visits per month, which make up about 35 million page views. News provided by is referred to by many leading media outlets of the world, including Reuters, BBC, and TASS.

Promo video samples

The geographic breakdown of readership is as follows:

  • Armenia - 70%
  • Russia - 10%
  • US - 5%
  • EU countries - 5%
  • Other countries - 10%

The team prepares about 700 text, translation, video, and photo materials during the day. projects:

  • Sport
  • Tech
  • Medicine
  • Style in social media:






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