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Armenian benefactor Alexander Mantashev’s heirs visit Tbilisi

Armenian benefactor Alexander Mantashev’s heirs visit TbilisiApril 20, 2012 | 16:01

After attending the official opening of the distinguished Armenian philanthropist Alexander Mantashev’s (Mantashyants) statue in Armenia’s capital Yerevan, his grandson, Paris-based Alexander Mantashev Junior and the latter’s son Michael, arrived in the Georgian capital Tbilisi on Thursday for a two-day visit. 

The guests followed the traces of the great benefactor’s numerous charity works conducted in Tbilisi.    

During their meeting with Gigi Tsereteli, Vice-Speaker of the Georgian parliament, the interlocutors spoke about Alexander Mantashev’s and another Armenian benefactor, Mikayel Aramyants’ invaluable contribution to the establishment of Georgia’s capital city.

Also, Alexander Mantashev’s heirs were hosted at the Davtyan family’s puppet theater, where they met with the local Armenian intelligentsia.   

In his address, Armenia’s Ambassador to Georgia, Hovhannes Manukyan, named Alexander Mantashev the great but not the only Armenian benefactor in Tbilisi, since numerous wealthy Armenian people and benefactors had carried out activities in the city.     

All those who delivered remarks at the event spoke about the Tbilisi Armenians’ great love and devotion toward this city.

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