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Partner News



is a new project by Armenian information-analytic agency that will try to enhance direct cooperation with the readers.

If you witnessed an interesting scene and if you manage to shoot it - send us your photo or video


Every reader of Armenian can contribute to the project by contacting us at

Send your video or photo material with enclosed description of the incident

In case the video and information related to it is published on our website, the author will receive AMD 5000
In case the photos are published on our website, the author will receive AMD 2500


      • Video and/or photo must be shot by the author.
      • Video and/or photo must correspond to the information.
      • The content of video and/or photo must not violate the laws of the Republic of Armenia.
      • Video and/or photo must not contain advertising.
      • The decision on the significance of video and/or photos is made by Armenian, therefore, some videos and/or photos and information related to them may not be published.
      • Once Armenian receives the video and/or photos, Armenian becomes the owner of the material, therefore, it is prohibited to provide the same material to other media outlets.
      • To receive the money the author of photo and/or video should indicate his or her name in the message and indicate any password in a separate paragraph of the same massage.
      • The message with the video and/or photo should contain a note indicating whether the author wants his or her name to be published.
      • The information sent along with the video and/or photo should provide the detailed description of the event, as well as place and time of the event.
      • The agency will not disclose to third parties materials, which were not accepted for publication.

          Armenian News - thanks its readers and expects long and active cooperation.

          Remember, who owns the information, owns the world but the strength of the creator of information is yet unknown...

          Become a NEWSmaker!