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Stabbed Russian-Armenian journalist gives first testimony.

Stabbed Russian-Armenian journalist gives first testimony.May 29, 2012 | 14:45

Russian-Armenian automotive radio commentator and expert Sergey Aslanyan, 46, gave his first testimonies at a Moscow hospital. 

He affirmed that, in all probability, the reason for the attack against him was the statement he made during his program on May 14.

“They called me at 11:15. I went out to the corridor and saw a man there. When I approached he attacked me, yelling ‘You are an enemy of Allah!’”, Aslanyan said.   

The journalist tried to hold back the extremist, but the latter struck blows and fled. Aslanyan himself called for emergency medical assistance. He is confident they are taking revenge upon him, and he fears for the safety of his relatives.       

As Armenian informed earlier, Sergey Aslanyan has undergone surgery, the hospital informed Interfax News Agency.  The hospital source also informed that Aslanyan is in stable condition, he regained consciousness, and his relatives and friends can now visit him.  

Sergey Aslanyan was attacked in Moscow. The journalist was stabbed and he sustained a concussion, informs.  

“After surgery Aslanyan is transferred to the reanimation ward; he is unconscious,” Life News informs. 

To note, during his program on May 14 the journalist had made comments on Prophet Muhammad.

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