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Armenian Embassy in Russia follows developments in Sochi

01:03, 01.06.2012 Region: Armenia, Diaspora, Russia Theme: Society, Incidents

MOSCOW. - The Armenian Embassy in Russia follows the developments in Sochi and with the help of the local Armenian community does everything so that the situation will not get worse, the spokesperson of the Armenian Embassy in Russia Eduard Jambazyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am adding that not only Armenians but also Dagestanis were arrested thus denying the information released by the media that only Armenians were arrested.

“The situation is calming down,” he said.

As Armenian News-NEWS.am reported earlier, a major fight had broken out in Sochi on May 1 in which around 100 people were involved. As a result, one of those participants, Sochi’s well-known athlete, master of Taekwondo, Yury Garanyan, 24, died of a stab wound. 

On the night of May 26-27 the police arrested around 250 people who wanted to start a fight with the construction workers of the Olympic village in Sochi. It started when the girls from Chereshnya village, Adler, Russia, went out for a walk in the evening and were offended by the construction workers from Dagestan, who were very “sticky.” The girls complained to their brothers and boyfriends. As a result, the Armenian youth formed a group to protect the honor of their girlfriends and decided to give the construction workers a lesson. They headed toward the Olympic village, but the construction workers immediately called the police, who arrested 250 people.       

Armenia News - NEWS.am

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