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Expensive gold vibrator stolen from Brazilian sex-shop

23:16, 01.06.2012 Region: World News Theme: Society, Incidents

A gold plated vibrator worth $4,000 was stolen from a sex-shop in Brazil. An armed attack was conducted in order to take the valuable vibrator out of the shop.

According to the local media, a well-dressed and polite man entered Erotica Luxo sex-shop but then attacked the salesman and shut him in the toilet. He only took the 18 carat golden vibrator and nothing else. The sex-toy named ‘Lelo de nuro’ meaning Golden Lelo was the pride of the sex-shop which was opened only a couple of weeks before the robbery, reports.

The perpetrator will not be able to enjoy the vibrator as he forgot the charger and it is impossible to remove the gold from it, the owner of the shop stated.

 “I can’t imagine what he is going to do with it. I’m leaving it up to his imagination,” she said.

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