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Armenia must respond equivalently to prevent Azerbaijan’s dreams – former FM

21:00, 06.06.2012 Region: Armenia, Karabakh, Azerbaijan Theme: Politics, Incidents

YEREVAN. – The recent events on the Armenian – Azerbaijani border line are rather concerning, especially given the fact that the representative of one of the mediator countries on the Karabakh conflict – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the region, Armenian former FM Vardan Oskanyan wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, two factors contributed to the preservation of the cease fire regime from 1994 until now. The first was the perspective of settling the conflict through peaceful negotiations. The second was the military balance between the two parties.

“The biggest concern of today is that Azerbaijan loses faith in the perspective of peaceful settlement of the conflict due to its none-realistic maximalist demands and as a result of its bellicose statements and large expenditures on military equipment Azerbaijan begins to believe in military advantage,” Oskanyan said.

According to him, the danger lies in the combination of these two factors. As Oskanyan has stated, Armenia must come up with equivalent military and political response in order for Azerbaijan to stop dreaming.

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