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Kim Kardashyan gets ticket at her own store event (VIDEO)

00:01, 15.07.2012 Region: World News, Armenia

Kim Kardashian managed to avoid a ticket on Thursday, but her luck ends on Friday, when she was ticketed at the opening of her own store. And the crowd loved it.

Kim arrived at her new store in Hollywood in her new Rolls-Royce with boyfriend Kanye West. They went in the store after surrounded by fans and paparazzi, so you may think one of them would have gone inside a short time later after she was getting a ticket, but it didn't happen, TMZ reports.

Once the officer finished writing it up and placed it on the car, the fans and paparazzi still outside barracked him. By the time Kim and Kanye escaped from Dash, the ticket disappeared.  Probably the assistant or security guard had taken it. 

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