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Presidential elections over in Karabakh

Presidential elections over in KarabakhJuly 19, 2012 | 21:41

STEPANAKERT. – Presidential elections are over in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. According to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), over 72,833 citizens or 73.38 per cent of electorate have voted in 273 precincts as of 8.00 p.m.

The electoral lists contained 98,909 voters in total. Out of it, 25,054 (68.40 percent) voters voted in the Karabakh capital City Stepanakert; 9,264 (79.57 percent) in Askeran; 7,136 (82.50 percent) in Hadrut; 9,904 (74.95 percent) in Martakert; 12,069 (70.22 percent) in Martuni; 1,533 (85.74 percent) in Shahumyan; 2,680 (74.18 percent) in Shushi; and 4,701 (77.45 percent) in Kashatagh.

Three non-party affiliate candidates are running for the Karabakh highest office. They are: incumbent Karabakh President Bako Sahakyan, the Deputy Director of Academic Activities at the Karabakh capital Stepanakert Branch of State Agrarian University of Armenia Arkadi Soghomonyan, and Karabakh National Assembly member Vitali Balasanyan.

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