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Armenian opposition bloc activists sentenced to 2-6 years in jail

July 20, 2012 | 17:52

YEREVAN.- A verdict against activists of the opposition Armenian National Congress bloc was delivered on Friday.

Tigran Arakelyan was sentenced to six years, Artak Karapetyan to three, Sargis Gevorgyan and Davit Kiramijyan to two years in jail.

Artak Karapetyan, Sargis Gevorgyan and Davit Kiramijyan will be arrested as soon as the verdict comes into effect.

Activists’ lawyer Stepan Voskanyan told reporters they would appeal the decision.

A group of supporters gathered near the court building carrying posters with the demands that Tigran Arakelyan should be released.

Tigran Arakelyan was arrested with 6 other ANC activists for a fight with police officers. Later 6 activists were dismissed provided they do not leave the country. Tigran Arakelyan is the only one who was in jail.

Only four of them - Tigran Arakelyan, Sargis Gevorgyan, Artak Karapetyan and Davit Kiramijyan - are being heard on a criminal case.


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