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Armenia’s engagement into Eurasian project justified only by billions of subsidi

05:09, 28.07.2012 Region: Armenia, Russia Theme: Politics, Economics, Analytics

YEREVAN. – Russian Speaker Sergey Naryshkin’s statement had no clear hinting that Armenian authorities have decided to join the Eurasian project, expert Sergey Minsayan told Armenian His comments came after the Russian Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin’s statement that Armenia’s leadership is following closely the development of the Eurasian project and is working to determine its place acknowledging that Eurasian economic area is a basis for trade and economic relations.

According to the expert, Russia realizes very well that Armenia’s engagement into the project is possible only on one condition, which may be justified only by billions of subsidies by the Russian side. 

“Whether Moscow is ready for this, it is difficult to claim,” Minasyan added.

To note, the Russian Speaker Naryshkin stated on Monday that he had discussed perspectives of developing Armenia-Eurasia cooperation in the framework of Eurasian integration project with the Armenian authorities.

Photo by Sona Barseghyan

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