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Armenia registered 72 cases of illegal border crossing in 2011

11:33, 29.07.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, Iran Theme: Politics, Incidents

YEREVAN. - Number of illegal crossing Armenian borders is reduced. The total of 42 criminal cases of illegal border crossing in 2010 and 5 not completed in 2009 were instigated against 75 people, Armenian Attorney General's Office informs. 

16 cases referred to illegal departures, while 31 to illegal entry. 49 out of 75 were foreigners from Russia, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Kongo and two without citizenship.  80 percent were jobless and male at the age of 25-45. Out of 16 cases of illegal departures, 5 headed to Georgia, 1 to Azerbaijan, 4 to Russia, 1 to Turkey, 1 to Czech Republic, and two have no destination selected.

Out of 31 cases of illegal entry to Armenia, 16 were from Russia, the rest were from Ukraine (1), Turkey (2), Iran (1), United Arab Emirates (1), Georgia (6), France (1), Italy (1), Azerbaijan (1) and Belgium (1).

As for last year, 72 cases were registered of illegal crossing the border, out of which 21 criminal cases were instigated against 24 people. 

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